Sunday, 19 September 2010

Political films and discussion

At the Engine House, Islington Mill.
6:30 pm

We would like to discuss your opinions and research about the current issue of Tory cuts in public spending.

some websites i've found interesting are

The event is free, there will be food and drink, films, discussion and if it is possible, can you bring a memory stick/mp3 player/mini disc, and you can go home with lecture recordings from the London School of Economics.

There is a demonstration on the 3rd of October in Birmingham against the cuts, should you wish to come with us there are coaches booked from Chorlton Street Coach station


23rd September
at From Space

Mark Rainey will be introducing us to the world of Zizek and the time is 6:30 pm. any questions suggestions lets start a thread about it.

Friday, 10 September 2010


Either its a model village with a fried egg, or a fried village and a model egg

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Judith Butler

Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire: Discussion at From Space

Thurs 19th Aug- 6pm

From Space 142 Chapel Street

Join an informal discussion on feminism informed by Judith Butler's essay Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire at From Space, your opinions are welcome whether you are a dyed in the wool dungeree wearing red blooded woman, or a lager swilling male chauvanist pig. To download a pdf of the text on google docs click on the link below


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

how we fix a leaky roof

Take an enormous egg and one very hot day, pour some oil on the corrugated teflon, build a block of flats next door to get the height required to fry the egg on the roof.

This particular egg was laid by our mother goose, Liz Scrine, here she is impersonating a lego character.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In case you thought drawing and making cups and things was all talk.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ratty catwalk

but ships
are but boards, sailors but men: there be land-rats
and water-rats, water-thieves and land-thieves, I
mean pi-rats

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Photos from Ponglish Part 1

For the unfortunates who missed out on Ponglish for Beginners Part 1, here are some retrospective photos. Make sure you don't miss the current exhibition, Ponglish for Beginners Part 2, and remember to come From Space for drawing every day at 2, or whenever you want to draw. If you did come and haven't been since, it's warmer now.
Thankyou to Franek Strzeszewski, Krzystof Włodarski, Sylwester Stabryła, and Basia Bachota Socha for taking part in the exhibition.

Photos by Franek

Friday, 12 February 2010

Ponglish for Beginners Part 2

Opening Thursday 18th Feb 6pm

Exhibition runs until 31st March
Open Monday - Friday 2pm - 7pm

At From Space
142 Chapel St
M3 5RD

Ponglish for Beginners Part 2

(Untitled Damian Chrobak)

Ponglish for Beginners Part 2 focuses on the theme of the Metropolis.
London has attracted many Polish people to its bright lights and opportunities. In this exhibition five young artists who have moved to Britain from Poland, explore different aspects of the City.
Marek Borysiewicz has been travelling to the capital cities of Europe for his photography cycle 'City' celebrating the contemporary architecture of a growing Europe.
Damian Chrobak sees the amusing idiosyncrasies created by the advertisement saturated environment of the city, he uses photography to play with what we think is real and what is the ideal world of the advertiser.
Agnieszka Mlicka's work draws on the role of the city planner, her architectural paintings seem to be in a constant state of progress and eternal construction.
The documentary photography of Michal Andrysiuk has taken him to the alternative lifestyles and occupations within the city, introducing him to a variety of characters, including toy makers, makers of musical instruments and a eunuch. In other works he presents characters and stories pushed aside and ignored by the rest of the metropolis.

From Space is a unique arts space in the centre of Manchester, associated with Islington Mill and just outside of Spinningfields, it is a world to its own. The public are invited to come in and draw every day at 2, and are encouraged to use the space to get on with some work, read, or join in with all sorts of projects which happen there.
Ponglish For Beginners is a series of exhibitions which explore the relationship between Britain and Poland, beginning with Polish artists who practise in Britain.